About Edie


Hi. My name is Edie and I’m not a style blogger.

Style bloggers are delightful creatures with long, lithe limbs, expensive wardrobes and enviable lifestyles.

What I am is a 38-year-old mum of two small children, and a freelance writer. I adore fashion but absolutely do not have the means to fund my habit. And, unfortunately (having earned and spent my way through the gloriously extravagant ‘boom’ years), I’m not always content to settle for the high street equivalent – despite the name, the ‘high’ just isn’t the same. So, I trawl the internet searching out the best bargains. I buy in sales, I buy at outlets, I buy second-hand. I swop at consignment stores. I save like crazy. Somehow, in this way, I manage to maintain a respectable if not knockout wardrobe. But I always want more. Always. And that’s why I’m Greedy Edie.

When I first started this blog, I didn’t consider my physical location in the world (in the west of Ireland, to be precise) to be very important or even relevant – most of my research and shopping is done online, so I could literally be anywhere. But as I’ve been writing and exploring Greedy Edie’s world, I’ve come to realise just how exciting the Irish fashion scene is. I also see more clearly now just how important it is to support local designers and boutiques, and boost the Irish fashion industry. We’re honoured to live in a country with such creative flair, such exceptional talent, and this is my small contribution to fanning those flames.

So, here’s Greedy Edie, the poor girl’s guide to good fashion, with a distinctly Irish slant.


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