Well, hello again, 1996!

I’VE never been a fan of revisiting previous fashion eras. I know the 1960’s mod look is huge right now and virtually every season pays homage to the ’70s in some small way but I’d prefer to go forwards, rather than backwards, if you know what I mean.

At least, that’s what I thought I was doing, until I read an article the other day about the revival of ’90s grunge right here, right now, in the shops and in our wardrobes. Tch, I scoffed, I’d never go there again….and then I thought about what I was wearing.

Yes, glancing down, I realised I was wearing a slightly more grown-up and sophisticated take (but only miniscully so) on my college uniform of circa 1996.



Back then, it was all trainers and hoodies. My hoodie was black, my trainers Adidas Gazelles (also back, obviously dragged in on the coat-tails of the ’90s revival, and looking good). My ‘boyfriend’ trousers were actually an old pair of my dad’s suit pants, tailored by moi, using safety pins and bad needlework, to fit (kind of). The coat was  a triumph – a cheap, bobbled-wool affair in bright, burnt orange. I thought I was spectacular. (If I had photos, I’d publish them here, for hilarity’s sake if nothing else. Alas, and thankfully, all evidence has been destroyed).

Fast-forward almost 20 years (SOB!) and here I am in Gap skater shoes (last year’s, get similar here, here and here), Zara’s boyfriend trousers (get them here) and my treasured & Other Stories sweatshirt (again, last year’s but they have similar styles this season, here and here – sooooo worth the €45). Being older and some might say (but probably not) wiser, the coat is no longer in a retina-piercing statement shade, but a black long-length duster coat. Ah, good old black.


Isn’t it uncanny, though? Twenty years on and nothing really changes. Or everything changes but stays the same. Fashion can help us say so much about ourselves, I think, and this week, it’s helping me get back in touch with my youth while simultaneously making me feel verrrry old….

But, hey, at t least I’ve grown beyond safety-pin tailoring!

Edie xxx


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