Hip to be square

BOXY. Once upon a time, it used to be an insult – “Ooooh, it’s  bit boxy, not very flattering”. Now, though, it’s the fashion world’s look du jour. And while it’s true that it’s not exactly the most figure-flattering style (hips and boobage get bypassed big-time), its relaxed, boyish insouciance is very appealing to tomboys like myself.

The bottom line, in case you’re wondering, is that boxy is easy to carry off; it’s really nothing more than your usual basics with a slight tailoring twist. But the trick to handling the trend is balance. If you opt for one of the season’s boxy tops, team it with a pair of skinny trousers. Alternatively, team boxy pants with a tight-fitting top. However, for those of you looking to make a strong fashion statement, team slouchy, masculine trousers with a square-shaped shirt, or opt for a boxy dress – I’m loving this new breed of frock, which gives off a cool-girl vibe while, very generously, hiding a multitude of sins (yup, still dealing with the aftermath of that two-week cake holiday!).

To help me prove my point and show the look off at its very best, here are some street style bloggers (including the lovely Alexa Chung, the epitome of tomboy chic – this girl has it nailed), doing what they do best…








If you’re now feeling suitably smitten, check out the following items and click on the images to go directly to the store sites (quite a few summer sale pieces in here but beware the ridiculously overpriced Victoria Beckham styles!).










Just one point to note: to ensure that the slouchiness doesn’t evolve into full-blown tramp fashion (an unfortunate mistake easily made with this look, as Ive learned to my detriment), pay attention to the details. Team loose trousers with nicely fitted sweaters, crisp white shirts and smart flats and accessories. Brushing your hair and looking generally acceptable is also a help in maintaining your femininity whilst you hide every curve god gave you.

Once you’ve that sorted, you can relax into this trend and, as summer ebbs away into autumn, make the most of those loose-fitting shirts and elasticated waistbands. I know I will 🙂

Edie xx


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