Little sister

I’VE done new-label alerts before but today I’m sounding the old-label klaxon. I’ve never made any secret of my love affair with French designers but, for too long now, I’ve forgotten about Paul & Joe Sister, the diffusion line from Paul & Joe (the Parisian fashion house founded by Sophie Albou and named after her two sons).

As the baby sister, the aim is to produce a more accessible, affordable line, but these babies still cost a pretty penny. But pretty is the standout word – the clothes are ludicrously lovely. Check out the current ss14 collection, full of perfect prints and on-trend tie-dye jeans, each and every piece joyous and carefree, with just the right amount of Parisian chic. It’s available to buy online (oh, it’s also on Asos if, like me, you’re happy to settle for past-season sale pieces, and Vestiaire always has a nice range of pieces)….






By the way, if you’re feeling flush, let your eyes wander over to the Paul & Joe main line. I’m saying nothing about the €600 to €700 price tags but these maxi dresses are particularly divine …

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 08.31.54

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 08.33.01

If you’re to buy just one thing from this collection/label, my advice would be to opt for prints or summer dresses, preferably a combination of the two – a printed summer dress! Paul & Joe, both the main line and the Sister label, excel in kooky prints and their dresses have real stand-out appeal, yet remain utterly wearable and ridiculously gorgeous.

Sorry, folks, another name to add to the label-lust list!

Edie xxx



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