Into the pink

DANG! I successfully resisted – nay, I actively shunned – the pink trend last season and was pretty pleased with myself for showing such restraint in the face of unrelenting trend-pushing. But it looks like pink is having the last laugh because, guess what, it ain’t going nowhere for spring/summer. So here I am, egg on my face and lust in my loins for clothing that coordinates nicely with my glass of rosé.


Still, in my defence, it’s a shade that makes more sense at this time of year – listening to talk of ‘ice cream palettes’ and ‘sorbet shades’ in November is nothing short of miserable. But as the evenings get longer and the days a bit milder, I’m more comfortable with the concept of pink. I’m no girly-girl but even I have to admit that it’s undeniably pretty.


I’m not entirely convinced though and, a bit like a vegan in a steakhouse, I’m really not sure how to go about it. My initial feeling was to start gently, with a touch of pink using accessories, but then I feared looking like a small child with a Hello Kitty addiction. So I’m taking inspiration from the lovely ladies seen giving good street style at the various fashion weeks – where pink coats were making all the waves.

hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day4-13-lg pink-coat

This is a handy way to hit two trends in one because, this season, ‘spring coats’ are a big deal. These coats are essentially the same shape as last winter’s outerwear, but designed in lighter fabrics and brighter shades. This Asos baby could be it for me. It’s perfectly oversized with a great, voluminous shape but, most importantly, there’s no denying its perfect pinkness. Now that’s what I call bubblegum…


Another great offering is this New Look boyfriend jacket, whose loose, mannish fit counteracts the pink to perfection.


If you’re still nervous (like me, still), don’t worry, there’s a pink for everyone – the shade runs the whole gamut, from dusky rosewood to eye-watering magenta, so just take your time. I’m pretty sure you’ll find your perfect pink.

And fingers crossed these pastel shades will pass soon and we all return to black and business as usual 🙂

Edie xx


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