Beat the blushes

LAST night saw the official Irish launch of a new La Roche Posay product, Rosaliac CC Creme.


Now, my love affair with French beauty brands has been well documented on these pages, and La Roche Posay (henceforth LRP) has long been one of my best-in-class. Interestingly enough, though, between the glasses of bubbly and the bite-sized brownies, last night I learned that the brand has a massive Irish following – indicating to me that I’m obviously not the first to discover its magical qualities after all. This news goes some way to explain, however, the company’s focus on ‘Celtic’ skin.


We, as a nation, are unfortunately prone to redness. There are a number of factors at play here, including weather, stress and alcohol (it’s all coming back to haunt us now, folks) but, for ease, let’s just accept that we’re rosy because we’re Irish. No need to fret, though, because LRP are in fighting spirit and their target is ‘the curse of Celtic skin’.

So how do we control this curse? Well, the Rosaliac range from LRP offers a variety of products to help combat the problem, including cleaners, moisturisers and Rosaliac AR Intense, an ‘intensive care’ treatment.


But last night’s big launch was designed to welcome into the fold the amazing new CC Creme. If you’re still stuck on BB creams and don’t know what I’m talking about (understandable; I often don’t know what I’m talking about), a CC – or colour correcting – cream works as an all-in-one solution for flushed, red skin. It offers brilliant coverage, gives a natural finish, evens skins tone and boasts an SPF of 30. Impressive.

But does it work, I hear you cry. Well, the statistics say it does. According to LRP’s studies, 87% of women who tried it say their redness was covered, and 90% say it gives beautiful, natural coverage to their skin. Beauty expert and journalist Mary O’Donnell has given it her unequivocal backing, endorsing Rosaliac CC Creme as “the best” CC cream out there.

For my part, I love it. My skin tone isn’t quite Celtic – I’m more sallow, which means I tend to be a sickly shade of yellow in the winter months – so I wasn’t sure if this cream would work for me. I should have trusted in LRP, though; the CC Creme really brightens up my skin. It offers a universal tone that blends naturally into fair to medium skin, instantly concealing and correcting all shades of redness. It goes on beautifully (completely streak-free), delivers excellent coverage and evens out skin tone, leaving skin looking dewy and bright. This baby will definitely be joining my family of favourites.


The Rosaliac range has always been a big seller for Irish people and I’ve no doubt that this new addition will prove hugely popular. My advice? Stock up now before the summer months see it sell out.

The La Roche Posay Rosaliac range, including the Rosaliac CC Creme, price €22.50, is available from pharmacies nationwide.

Edie xx


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