Style hero: Saga Norén

EVERYONE needs a  style hero and, this week (excuse me, I’m fickle) mine is Saga Norén from The Bridge.


The Bridge, or rather The Bridge II (this is the second series of the show), has been showing on BBC4 for the last few weeks, on Saturday nights with a double billing at a time. It’s been glorious, with all the grit, drama and intrigue we’ve come to expect from Scandi whodunnits. And this weekend looks set to be a bittersweet occasion, as the new series comes to a gripping conclusion, hopefully tying up all the loose ends, but simultaneously robbing me of my Saturday night addiction. Woe is me.


But I’ll be positive and focus not on the loss of a beloved TV show, but on the good things it has brought into my life. Like Saga and her Scandi style. Every now and then a fictional character marks their place in the funny old world of fashion with their distinctive style – think SJP’s Carrie, or Sarah Lund’s sweater in The Killing; most recently, Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes has been making a strong style statement with his billowing Belstaff coat.

And now there’s Saga (played by Sofia Helin). This pretty robot-woman, all cocked head and inquisitive eyes, strides through each episode in her uniform of leather trousers, biker jacket and khaki military coat, all nicely accessorised with her long, blonde, untamed mane. She looks amazing – strong and smart and in control. But her look is not just relaxed, it’s achievable too, and easy to wear. In a way, it’s quite anti-fashion: Saga never succumbs to trends, she dresses purely for practicality, for herself and never for anyone else.

So, as a mark of respect, I’ve been shopping around, looking to replicate Saga’s style. Each piece is a strong wardrobe addition in itself but be warned: wear them together and you will probably look strangely like a crime-fighting Swedish homocide detective. Might be best to dress it down, just a tad.

First off, then, the leather trousers. Not usually an easy buy but let me direct you to Zara and their leather leggings. For just €39.95, you can bag yourself a great pair of leather-look trousers. The fit is good (and gratifyingly large, meaning you’ll most likely have to go down a size. Love that.) They are without doubt my new favourite thing and I’m sharing the love. You’re welcome.


Next up, the jacket. Saga’s jackets seem to vary in colour, featuring in a range of muted tones like grey, brown and beige, but they’re always, without exception, the same biker style. Zipped right up to the chin or left open over a plain tee, she amply demonstrates the practical nature of the biker jacket in a cold climate. These versions are all black but the overall effect is the same. The studded version is by Mango and costs €210.68, and the quilted one is by Noisy May offers a cheaper option, priced €77.25.

image1xxl-1 image1xxl

And finally, that coat, almost as famous as Sherlock’s. If I could track it down, I’d be wearing it right now. However, the closest and most affordable I can get for the time being is this ‘pre-loved’ khaki coat by Maje. Currently available on Vestiaire for both €141 and €187 (depending on which seller you choose to buy from; look around and you’ll find both), it seems to have enough military detailing to pass muster with Saga, plus it boasts those huge lapels she loves so much.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 12.20.40

The only detail of Saga’s look I’m going to avoid is the boots; those god-awful clodhoppers she insists on wearing. Surely, as a Scandinavian, she’s heard of Swedish label Acne, famous for their simple but stylish footwear? I must have a word before the next series goes into production…

So think of me tomorrow night as The Bridge II draws to a close. I’ll be on a couch somewhere, halfway through a bottle of wine, weeping uncontrollably and quite possibly ordering an olive-green coat through my tears. Feel free to join me.

Edie xx


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