Scarlet fever

CHRIS de Burgh made a good point – ladies in red are pretty amazing. Especially at this time of year. In my dream life, I would be attending a host of glamorous parties around now wearing, at various times, all of the following scarlet numbers.

First up would be Niamh O’Neill‘s delectable zip-backed leather skirt (€355). Paired with just a simple grey tee, some very high heels and lots of razzle-dazzle, it’s the coolest way to celebrate the season. And it’s called the ‘Kiss’ skirt – how very appropriate for all this mistletoe madness. O’Neill was crowned Fashion Designer Of The Year 2013 and her success does not appear to be waning, so keep an eye out for this Irish designer in the new year.


Less of a fashion statement but just as striking is this crepe wool dress by Gossip (€429), available from ellen b, Clontarf and Malahide, Dublin.


With its fitted waist and three-quarter-length sleeves, it epitomises ladylike glamour and would just work as well in the office after the New Year festivities as it will at the Christmas parties over the next few weeks. In short, it’s adaptable…and I’m a big fan of adaptable.

Seeing as this is my dream life we’re discussing, and I’m not limited by either financial issues or the lack of an exciting social calendar, I’m gonna go nuts and introduce this stunning floor-length number into the mix.


Tricotine’s ‘Chantal’ dress, a masterclass in magnificence, costs a fairly sobering €699 (from Design Centre in Powerscourt Townhouse, Dublin). But look and learn. This is what a dress should be – I think if I was ever lucky enough to wear this, I would feel like the prettiest present under the Christmas tree (that obi belt is just the most perfect finishing touch, like a dinky ribbon bow begging to be untied).

In all actuality, though, I won’t be hosting ambassadors’ balls or hobnobbing with, well, anybody sober, so my reality pick is this red sweatshirt by Zoe Karssen, from BT2 (€95).


Sweatshirts are cool now, we all know that, and this one screams festive cheer whilst also being a little bit derisive. I like that. I also like the price. And the fact it look best worn with trainers (* feet breathe massive sigh of relief).

It puts a smile on my face to know that my reality will save me quite a few hundred euro on clothes this Christmas. And, hey, I can always dream; nothing’s going to stop me stocking and restocking my fantasy wardrobe. After all, isn’t that what Pinterest is for?

Edie xx


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